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Purdue Women's Basketball Recruiting

2002 Nike All-American Camp Scouting Reports

Part IV: Players 71-89 + All-Nike Camp teams

August 5, 2002
By: Bob Sternvogel and Capri Small
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    #71: Natasha Humphrey, Gainesville (GA) - 6'3" (2004) PHOTO

    Has a nice release from the baseline, and shows good range for a girl of her height. Not afraid of drawing contact, although her aggressiveness also resulted in Natasha's having several of her shots blocked. Not fluid at faking.

    #72: ELISE MORRISON, Detroit Country Day (Beverly Hills, MI) - 6'3" PHOTO

    Fundamentally sound player who waves her hands to call for the ball, both when she's open for the shot and when she's in position to make the good extra pass. Very mobile for a "big girl". Shot-blocking machine who can "sky" for rebounds. Wills her way to the hoop when guarded, and can score from the corner. Since her high school is not in a conference, the team plays whichever opponents it can schedule. Told Bob that the fact Michigan is one of the few states with fall prep basketball has been good for exposure, as the season falls within an NCAA "window period" which allows college coaches to attend her games. Has made unofficial visits to Northwestern (where sister Suzanne plays), Illinois, and Vanderbilt. Also considering Indiana, Purdue, Harvard, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Says she developed a good relationship with Brenda Frese when the coach, now guiding the Maryland program, was employed by Minnesota. Elise, who says her college choice will be determined more by what a school can offer academically than what it promises athletically, is considering majoring in business or journalism. She engagingly and articulately describes herself as a finesse player who likes hook shots. Elise admits her relative lack of strength sometimes limits her options on the court, but that she's working on overcoming that deficiency. She's a "good interview", and will be a good interviewer if she chooses a career path that requires her to ask the questions.

    #73: Jessica Davenport, Independence (Columbus, OH) - 6'4" PHOTO

    One of the best of the "big, big girls". Looks to shoot when near the hoop, and has range out to the high block. Has decent form on free throws. Indeed, it seemed as if every one of her scoring attempts succeeded. Good rebounding technique. Especially aggressive on the defensive board, though her penchant for swinging her elbows could get her in trouble. All in all, though, an All-Nike Camp pick.

    #74: BRITTANY HUNTER, Brookhaven (Columbus, OH) - 6'2" PHOTO

    Although virtually everyone showed at least a few flashes of brilliance, Brittany was one of the few consistently excellent players at camp. Extremely athletic for her size, she has a knack for turning a seemingly difficult shot into an easy deuce. Takes it strong to the basket, and finished in traffic more consistently than any other post in attendance. Sees the floor well, and completed several high-low passes when she drew double and triple-teams. Battles for rebounds, and gets more than her share as she gains position by using her body extremely well. Good shot-blocker. Considering Duke, UConn, Tennessee, Texas, Purdue, Louisiana Tech, Florida, Ohio State, and LSU. Intends to major in communications or journalism. Dream job would be announcing games for ESPN. Has visited Purdue, Duke, and Cincinnati. Brittany plays the post in high school, but realizes she will have to develop more finesse as she moves to the wing in college. She's confident, however, that the experience of being expected to lead her team in rebounds will allow her to have continued success on the boards at the next level. The fact that she also plays with a rare combination of intensity and maturity makes her a good candidate to start her first game as a collegian, and to remain in the opening lineup throughout her NCAA career.

    #75: Crystal Langhorne, Willingboro (NJ) - 6'1" (2004) PHOTO

    Showed determination whether taking the ball to the hoop, rebounding in order to score on a put-back, or hustling to track down an errant pass. Drew many fouls with her strong moves to the basket.

    #76: Crystal Kelly, Sacred Heart Academy (Louisville, KY) - 6'1" (2004)

    Can sink the outside shot. Her superior speed allowed her to compete against taller players.

    #77: Chaunte Black, East Forsyth (Kernersville, NC) - 6'3" (2004) PHOTO

    Didn't get good position for rebounds in one game, but was commanding on the boards in another contest. Scored off a good fadeaway move in the lane. Handles and passes the ball quite well for a player of her size.

    #78: Ashley Gonnerman, Oregon City (OR) - 6'1" (2003)

    Displayed a mature, workwomanlike attitude while on the court. Never made a bad move. Had an especially nice put-back from the middle of the lane.

    #79: CANDACE PARKER, Naperville Central (Naperville, IL) - 6'3" (2004) PHOTO PHOTO

    College coaches are, by and large, a hard lot to impress. So when an athlete makes representatives of so many top staffs go "Ooh!" and "Wow!", she obviously has something. Candace, who has hang time on her hang time, gives off an air of feeling entitled to the paint. She elevates so effortlessly that it's easy to overlook how high off the floor she gets. At least once, she leapt, caught a pass, turned around while still in mid-air, and scored. Cat-quick, she can make a breathtaking cut to get into position to receive a pass, then catch and shoot the ball before any opposing defender can react. Candace can also legitimately guard the speediest of perimeter players. She needs a bit more muscle, grace, and overall consistency before she can be said to have surpassed Brittany Hunter. Still, Candace's infinite "upside" makes it easy to see why she's so coveted by so many. She said that this was her second Nike Camp, and that she enjoyed the experience more in 2002 because she knew what to expect. Among the personal goals she has set for herself are "to play with great heart and effort at all times" and "to develop a 'take no prisoners' attitude on the court". She hasn't thought much about college, but plans to start examining her options this fall.

    #80: Tiffany Green, Indian River (Chesapeake, VA) - 6'0" (2004) PHOTO

    Very powerful player who takes the ball to the hoop with authority. When she was allowed to set up on the low block, nobody could stop her from muscling in for a basket. Also displayed some finesse by hitting a "mini-hook shot".

    #81: ALISON BALES, Beavercreek (OH) - 6'6" (2003) PHOTO

    Although she appears to have lost quite a bit of weight since last summer, Alison can still "eat space" horizontally as well as vertically. Even though she's improved her speed and overall ability to run the floor over the past year, however, she's still more fluid than she is fast or quick. Alison possesses good hands, a nice shooting motion, a soft touch, and decent range. Nevertheless, even at the proverbial "next level", she'll probably be asked to try to do most of her scoring as close to the basket as possible in order to take optimum advantage of her frame. The question of which program she'll sign with is still very much "up in the air", as is the field in which she'll major. She says that geography won't be a factor in determining which school she attends. Alison feels Ohio players, as a group, represented themselves well at the camp. She's proud of the fact that she's working on her all-around game, and can shoot, pass, and run the floor instead of simply relying on being a "big girl".

    #82: Emily Niemann, Westbury Christian (Houston, TX) - 6'0" (2003) PHOTO

    Active player who never stopped hustling. Scrapped for loose balls and rebounds alike. Also demonstrated three-point range, and threw the outlet pass well. One of the "sleepers" of the camp.

    #83: LIZ SHERWOOD, Highlands Ranch (CO) - 6'4" (2003)

    Before an ankle sprain curtailed her activity, she showed an ability to use her height and bulk to dominate whether shooting or rebounding. When interviewed, Liz said she was hoping to get healthy in time to help her AAU team later this summer. She does not feel that her eventual college choice will be affected by any other high-profile player's decision (e.g. former high school teammate Ann Strother's matriculation at UConn). Liz insists the field of programs vying for Sherwood's services is "still wide open".

    #84: Erica Brown, Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - 5'9" (2005) PHOTO

    Good passer, but not much of a scorer. Had a tendency to over-penetrate, then get stuck under the basket with nothing to do. When she did put the ball up, she was usually short on her shot, even from the foul line. If basketball employed football's strict platoon system, however, Erica could be a defensive starter now for almost any college program. Especially excellent in the open court, she parlayed her ball-hawking stance, determination, and general omnipresence into many steals, some of which she cashed in for layups. Erica particularly vexed taller, slower players, whether she was swiping the ball or battling for rebounds. Reminiscent of incoming Boiler Sharika Webb.

    #88: Nare Diawara, Cheshire Academy (Cheshire, CT) - 6'4" (2003) PHOTO

    Native of Mali is still extremely raw, but displayed a nice combination of height and talent.

    #89: Kalee Carey, Canyon (TX) - 6'5" (2003) PHOTO

    Maddeningly inconsistent. Runs the floor well, and is remarkably graceful, for someone of her height and 190-pound build. Has good form on the boards, and is able to control rebounds in traffic. Displayed a good touch as long as she stayed near the rack and/or was set up by her teammates. Tentative, and seldom successful, when required to create her own shot. Did better when zone defense was employed than when man-to-man was mandated. Hit the board from underneath with a put-back attempt the second day. Had the ball stripped from her after grabbing a later rebound. Failed to grab one carom despite a decided height/position advantage. Missed badly from both the floor and the charity stripe. In short, looked ungainly and outclassed. Will the real Kalee Carey please stand up?

    ALL-NIKE CAMP TEAMS (players listed alphabetically, and without specific regard to position)

    Capri's Selections:

    Jessica Davenport
    Alexis Hornbuckle
    Brittany Hunter
    Erin Lawless
    Candace Parker
    Sade Wiley-Gatewood

    Bob Sternvogel's Selections:

    Katie Antony
    Jessica Davenport
    Brittany Hunter
    Elise Morrison
    Eshaya Murphy
    Marian Whitfield

    Bob Richards' Selections:

    Sylvia Fowles
    Jennifer Harris
    Alexis Hornbuckle
    Brittany Hunter
    Erin Lawless
    Candace Parker

    2002 Nike Camp Scouting Reports: PART I | PART II | PART III | PART IV

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