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Purdue Women's Basketball Recruiting

2002 Nike All-American Camp Scouting Reports

Part I: Players 1-26

July 30, 2002
By: Bob Sternvogel and Capri Small
© MrHoops

    Overall - This was Bob's first experience attending Nike Camp. Capri, a veteran of several years' sessions, believes that the players appeared to struggle more than did members of previous "classes". One cause of this perceived drop-off may have been the fact that man-to-man defense was not permitted during some sessions, while zone was prohibited during the remaining games. More posts exhibited symptoms of "Lauren Jackson Syndrome" (preferring to hang out at the three-point line instead of under the basket) than was the case in the past. Guards, as a group, did not appear to pass the ball as well as their predecessors had. It was all too common to see a backcourt player over-penetrate before she either hoisted up a very poorly-considered shot (which was often subsequently blocked) or turned the ball over when attempting to pass. Nevertheless, the girls in attendance were certainly all among the top high school talents in the country. By and large, the level of play was excellent.

    In both the gym and the interview room, Capri concentrated primarily on Purdue targets, then on prospects from Indiana and other Midwestern states. Bob, being the generalist that he is, simply jotted down his impressions (positive and negative) while watching the games. When afforded the opportunity to conduct interviews, he approached whoever was available at the moment. Thus, the fact that a consensus Top 10 prospect may receive only a line or two in this report -- while a more lightly regarded player is analyzed or quoted at length - is not to be taken as an indication that we believe the latter athlete deserves to be rated above the former.

    How to read the top line of each mini-profile below:
    Number (e.g., #1) is the number assigned that girl at the Nike Camp. Each player's name and high school are reproduced from the roster received at camp. City and/or state in parentheses is the location of the school. Height is as printed on the roster sheet. Any errors (including misspellings) in any of these categories are attributable to Nike. Year of assumed high school graduation is as per any of various web sites consulted. Names of interviewees are printed IN CAPS.

    #1: Brenna McGuire, Buckingham Browne and Nicholas (Cambridge, MA) - 5'11" (2003)

    Attended, but was injured and did not play.

    #2: Susie Powers, Highlands Ranch (CO) - 5'10" (2003) PHOTO

    Aggressive defender who reached for the ball when defending, and fought for a loose ball until she gained control. Also battled for rebounds even after it was obvious her team was going to lose. Appeared to palm the ball when dribbling, but was never called for a violation during the game in which I watched her.

    #3: Camille Lenoir, Narbonne (Harbor City, CA) - 5'6" (2004)

    Although one of the shortest kids at the camp, her tremendous elevation allows her to "play bigger", especially when shooting. Was perhaps the best at stopping on a dime and shooting the J. Good ball-handling skills.

    #4: Charel Allen, Monessen (PA) - 5'9" (2004)

    No impressions recorded.

    #5: Sade Wiley-Gatewood, Lynwood (CA) - 5'7" (2004) PHOTO PHOTO

    On Wednesday, when only zone defenses were permitted, she looked ordinary. On Thursday, she shone against - and in - man-to-man coverage. She both handled and passed the ball well, even when pressed. Didn't look to score as a first option, but knocked down the trey when it was available. Demonstrated a good hesitation move during a successful drive to the hoop for two. Leapt for rebounds even when it didn't seem necessary to elevate, yet was described by one coach as appearing "nonchalant". Showed good range, but also drove into traffic for an ill-advised shot, which was blocked (she did retrieve the ball, though). Threw a nice behind-the-back pass after spinning in the lane. When called on to throw the outlet, she did so with accuracy. Zipped in to make the steal from anyone, even a post, who placed the ball within Sade's reach. Has orally committed to Tennessee, and should thrive in the open court as a collegian. The only knock on her might be her size: she resembles a gymnast, not a "typical" basketball player. Yet although short and frail, she's no doubt tougher than she looks. Made Capri's informal "All-Nike Camp First Team".

    #6: SHAY DORON, Christ the King (Middle Village, NY) - 5'9" (2003)

    Demonstrated a desire to draw charges in the backcourt. Was called for a foul after one such attempt, but was successful in a later game. Showed a knack for getting open on inbounds plays, and threw a nifty behind-the-back pass. A pure shooter and natural scorer who is also a solid ballhandler. Lack of speed is her biggest drawback. Originally from Israel, Shay was attending her third Nike Camp. She enjoyed her experience, and said that new material is added to the program each year.

    #8: Sharnee Zoll, Marlboro (NJ) - 5'7" (2004)

    Not flashy, but hard-working and very consistent.

    #9: IVORY LATTA, York (SC) - 5'4" (2003)

    Very athletic guard who prefers a fast pace. Shot inconsistently from game to game, but almost always passed the ball accurately, and with some pizzazz. Ivory reported that she was having a great time at Nike Camp, and that her list of college choices has been whittled down to Notre Dame, UConn, South Carolina, and North Carolina. She said that team chemistry will factor heavily into her decision, as will how the coach behaves both on and off the court.

    #10: BRANDI HOSKINS, Chaminade-Julienne (Dayton, OH) - 5'10" (2003)

    A strong, solid point guard who did everything well and made good decisions with the ball. Perhaps owing to her strength, she was one of the better rebounders among the perimeter players in attendance. Especially noteworthy was a nice reverse layup she hit after grabbing an offensive board. Brandi said that she has no special school in mind, but would like to end up on whichever campus AAU teammate Alison Bales selects.

    #12: Latosha Pace, Martin Luther King (Detroit, MI) - 5'9" (2003) PHOTO
    Each of the point guards at this camp demonstrated a propensity to penetrate and dish (or, if not guarded well, to penetrate and shoot the layup). Although most of her counterparts could perform one of these maneuvers proficiently, Pace was one of the few who generally succeeded regardless of which option presented itself.

    #17: Candice Wiggins, La Jolla Country Day (CA) - 5'10" (2004) PHOTO

    Tough defender who showed a knack for stealing the ball, then driving to the hoop. Also made a nice catch of an errant pass prior to scoring. Did miss at least one layup, but also showed three-point range. Ran her team well while demonstrating a true point-guard mentality.

    #18: Samantha Mahoney, West Bloomfield (MI) - 5'9" (2004) PHOTO

    Tough, fast defender who can steal the ball. Shoots with a "shot put" motion. Demonstrated good range from beyond the arc. Leapt to push the ball in for one basket. Had trouble when dribbling the ball, but was able to collect herself and maintain control. Also fumbled after receiving a pass, but was able to recover the sphere and score. If her body can catch up to her mind, her stock will rise.

    #19 Deanna Davis, Princeton (Cincinnati, OH) - 5'4" (2003)

    Good at looking upcourt and throwing the outlet pass not only accurately, but with some snap. Demonstrated good range and form on her shot. Dribble appears high, but is apparently acceptable to officials. Deanna is a very smart player who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

    #20: LEAH RUSH, Amarillo (TX) - 6'0" (2003)

    Fighter inside. Shot at least one airball, but also got open for an easy layup after a teammate threaded the needle on a pass down low. Looking at Big 12 schools, but not necessarily concentrating on those nearest her home. Went to adidas camp last year, so decided to try Nike this summer. Told Bob adidas "is all workouts - you just play and play", while Nike features classroom instruction and motivational speeches. Describes herself as versatile - "I can bang with the big girls, but also hit the 3 and play with the wings."

    #21 Wanisha Smith, Fairfield (OH) - 5'9" (2003) PHOTO

    Paid more attention to defense than did many players at the camp. For her efforts, she was rewarded with several steals that produced fast-break points.

    #22: MARCILLA PACKER, Pickerington (OH) - 5'9" (2004) PHOTO

    A fast guard who played in control at all times and demonstrated an effortless, accurate outside shot. Marcilla made good decisions with the ball. She looked to pass first, but was able to hit the jumper if no teammate was open in the post. This was Marcilla's first year at Nike Camp, and she loved every minute of the experience. She said that one of the advantages of being a rising junior is that she can wait and see where all the '03's are going before she makes her college choice.

    #23: Britney Jordan, Peoria Woodruff (IL) - 5'7" (2003) PHOTO PHOTO

    A tall, strong guard who can handle the ball well and also hold her own under the boards. Britney seemed to enjoy playing defense as much as she liked playing offense. A solid, complete player whose game was reminiscent of Kelly Komara's.

    #24: LAUREN WENSKI, St. Thomas Aquinas (Overland Park, KS) - 5'9" (2003)

    Very heady, scrappy player who was good at setting up her teammates before passing to them. Always wanted to attend college on the West Coast, and has orally committed to Pepperdine. Since her high school team doesn't travel to national tournaments, the Waves' coaching staff recommended she attend the camp in order to gain experience against a cross-section of players from throughout the USA. Describes herself as a finesse player who averaged about 18 points per game as a high school junior.

    #25: NAVONDA MOORE, Murrah (Jackson, MS) - 5'9" (2003)

    Fast, quick-handed player who accelerated well on a "coast-to-coast" drive. Threw the bounce pass accurately, if a bit too hard at times. Didn't always finish shots, but demonstrated an "often wrong but never in doubt" confidence. Has given an oral commitment to Alabama, whose coaching staff recommended she attend the camp in order to familiarize herself with the type of competition she'll be facing as a member of the Crimson Tide. Said she wanted to get out of Mississippi for college, but remain close enough to home for family and friends to be able to attend many of her games. Was drawn to Alabama by a good relationship with the coaches and Tuscaloosa's similarity to Jackson. Describes herself as a "scorer and creator" who averaged 19 ppg as a high school junior.

    #26: Christina Cunningham, Perry Meridian (Indianapolis, IN) - 5'8" (2004) PHOTO

    Good passer who runs the floor well. Hustling scrapper with a bit too much flair to be labeled a "blue-collar" player. Tracked down a loose ball before throwing a well-advised behind-the-back pass. Able to keep her dribble while pressured.

    More scouting reports to come!

    2002 Nike Camp Scouting Reports: PART I | PART II | PART III | PART IV

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