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2001 Blue Star Elite Camp Evaluations

Top young players invade Terre Haute for Elite Camp

Date: 8/07/2001
Author: Bob Richards and Capri Small

Forty-three of the top players in the classes of 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 were invited to the 2001 Blue Star Elite Camp in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Blue Star Elite Camp is held every year, inviting the best freshmen and sophomores from around the nation -- also including a few 8th grade players in the mix as well.

The three day camp focuses on instruction and drills, with a small amount of time reserved for scrimmages. Over the course of the three days, we had the opportunity to view some of the top rising talent in both drill work and scrimmage. We've gathered some of our thoughts below, including some additional information when we could track it down. Plus we took a few photos at the camp as well. We managed to interpret what we scribbled down during the camp for about half of the players in attendance. The length, or lack, of a scouting report in no way indicates the quality of a player.

2001 Blue Star Elite Camp Attendees

206 Adams, Jessica 5-7, 2005, Martin Luther King HS, Detroit (MI)

232 Antony, Katie 5-8, 2003, Anacoco HS, Anacoco (LA) - A high Division I player. Very heady, mobile and athletic, this kid is a winner. Not only has a good slashing drive to the basket, she can change directions on a dime in response to a change in the defense. Fundamentally sound, executing perfect layups even under pressure on the break. Changes smoothly from offense to defense, and doesn't lose her composure when one or the other doesn't seem to be working. Main weakness we saw was some poor shooting from the line during scrimmages. Orlando Sentinel All-South Honorable Mention, First Team All-State, All-Region, All-District, All-Parish, Region MVP, District MVP, and Parish MVP, MVP of All-State team, state tournament MVP 2000 and 2001. Full Court Press #2. 23.9 ppg, 9.2 rpg and 3.8 apg, 4.5 spg.

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249 Batteast, Margaret 6-0, 2003, Washington HS, South Bend (IN) - Showed a nice mix of skills, showing flashes of success throughout the camp.

248 Bowman, Chante 5-11, 2004, Cass Technical HS, Detroit (MI)

413 Brockman, Rachel 6-2, 2003, Cathedral HS, Indianapolis (IN) - An emotional player who was sharp in post drillwork. Above average defensive capabilities that seemed better in game situations than in drills. Had some trouble against the smaller Kurz, but was one of the better hustlers of the bigger girls in attendance. Showed a little temper by slamming the ball after a missed drill.

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246 Carey-Prock, Sara 5-10, 2004, Georgetown Visitati, Georgetown (DC)

245 Chambers, Cori 5-10, 2003, Ursuline HS, New Rochelle (NY) - Had some most impressive workouts on Monday at the camp, but seemed outclassed in trying to run the point in scrimmage. Street & Smith All-America HM, Adidas SlamJam All-Tournament team & MVP, USA Today All-American HM, #1 sophomore in New York (Gameball).

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238 Cortese, Kristen 5-9, 2003, Holy Trinity HS, Hicksville (NY) - Although she airballed a freethrow and fumbled a little on Monday in the open court during scrimmages, she has nice court vision and a nice high release on her shot. Persistent on offense, not afraid to shoot it and will follow her shot on any miss. Another camp gym rat who worked between drills and scrimmages. Member of the Liberty Belles AAU. Also excels in volleyball and softball.

231 Cunningham, Christina 5-8, 2004, Perry Meridian, Indianapolis (IN)

201 Davey,Jennifer 5-5, 2004, Bonanza HS, Las Vegas (NV)

233 Dickinson, Lesley 5-8, 2003, Christ the King, Middle Village (NY) - Has a nice driving ability and can make shots through heavy traffic. Quick and scrappy player. Floorburn award winner the last day of camp. Saw her follow her shot and wrestle a defender to the floor for the rebound.

205 Diener, Brittany 5-6, 2003, Fon du Lac HS, Fon du Lac (WI)

244 Dixon, Jasmine 5-10, 2004, South Lakes HS, Reston (VA)

234 Fulton, Maudess 5-8, 2004, Moorestown HS, Moorestown (NJ)

418 Harris, Amber 6-5, 2006, Northview MS, Indianapolis (IN) - Hard to believe the girl will not even be in high school next year. Has the physical tools to be a star already. One of three players at the camp who had the leaping ability to dunk, but lacked being able to hang on to the ball during a dunking drill. Has some work to do on her footwork, but she is still so young. Had some great performances in scrimmage, even outplaying Russell on one occassion. Surprisingly speedy for her height.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo (on the left) [MrHoops]

417 Hobson, Shannon 6-3, 2003, Perris HS, Perris (CA) - Might win the camp award as the best against the shot clock, as she performs well under pressure. Knows how to be aggressive in the post, but need some work controlling it enough to finish consistently. Another strong, hustling player with good moves.

200 Horvath, Toni 5-5, 2003, Sachem HS, Ronkonkoma (NY)

202 James, Tanya 5-6, 2003, Albert Campbell HS, Scarborough (ONT) - With good hands and a nose for the ball, this point guard prospect has a solid future. She has a good move to the basket, but we saw some trouble finishing at times. Nice jump shot but needs to improve her perimeter game.

235 Johnson, Helen 5-9, 2003, Washington HS, Milwaukee (WI) - All-State Honorable Mention, All-Area Second Team, All-Conference First Team. 15 ppg.

243 Jones, Ashley Danielle 5-10, 2005, Southfield HS, Southfield (MI)

207 Kelly, Nakejia 5-7, 2005, Christ the King, New York City (NY) - Another impressive class of 2005 player. Muscular and quick with a great work ethic. Ranked #2 in New York by Gameball Magazine.

208 Klein, Cari 5-7, 2003, Divine Savior Holy, Milwaukee (WI)

252 Kurz, Laura 6-0, 2004, Germantown Academy, Ft. Washington (PA) - Plays bigger than she is. Had outstanding success in scrimmage matched up against the taller and older Brockman, even blocking one of her shots. Nice mixture of moves. She's sharp at shooting off the dribble, and showed nice form on a driving hook. USA Today Freshman All-America. 13 ppg as a freshman.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo [MrHoops]

247 Lam, Kelly 5-11, 2004, Brookfield East, Brookfield (WI) - We noticed her hesitation on offense, but a youthful mistake against top talent. Fundamentals are there, but hesitated in both drill work and scrimmage.

241 Levy, Keanna 5-10, 2003, West HS, Waterloo (IA) - A perimeter threat who can work herself open. Needs some work on her baseline move.

412 Lynch, Stephanie 6-2, 2004, New Albany, New Albany (IN) - Might win the award for most-coachable in post drillwork. You didn't have to tell her more than once, indicating she was either fundamentally sound already coming into camp, or she listens very well. She's strong and knows how to take up space in the post, providing a big target and space between her and her defender. Saw a very nice shot out to 12 feet, and hoped to get a better look at her shot from 15 feet and out. Good fake and baseline move.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo [MrHoops]

236 Massey, Joyce 5-9, 2003, Martin Luther King, Detroit (MI)

237 McArver, Mary 5-9, 2003, Forestview HS, Gastonia (NC)

253 McCullough, Carolyn 6-1, 2004, Equinas HS, Overland Park (KS) - A smart player who makes good decisions. Put on an almost flawless performance the final day of camp. Nice use of shot fakes draws some foul opportunities.

251 Menty, Laura 6-0, 2004, Minnechaug Regional, Wilbraham (MA) - This is a player that grows on you. Sure she's got a rather slow release, but she's one of the better defenders, even against taller players. She's physical, hits well in the paint, hustles into position, and has a smooth step-through move. Contributes in many ways.

411 Merrihue, Jessica 6-1, 2005, Sachem HS, Ronkonkoma (NY)

410 Molinaro, Courtney 6-1, 2005, Central Catholic HS, Allentown (PA) - A very solid player -- not flashy. Has some good body control.

204 Mondy, Denasha 5-6, 2003, Ballard HS, Louisville (KY) - She's got game, but had trouble finishing on the last day of camp. Exhibited pure point guard skills, and was always hanging out shooting between drills and scrimmages.

242 Pace, Latosha 5-10, 2003, Martin Luther King, Detroit (MI)

416 Peters, Jessica 6-3, 2003, Gar-Field HS, Woodbridge (VA) - Physically, the biggest girl at the camp with size and weight. Has her way with defenders in the post by moving them around using leverage and strength. Slow on the pivot, and not the speediest in the open court. Had success in the half court, but needs help with her footwork. Good rebounder.

230 Pollack, Brina 5-7, 2004, Marlboro HS, Marlboro (NJ) - One of my favorites of the camp. This girl always has a smile on her face. Very athletic and rather fearless, Pollack is smooth on offense and always under control. She has a nice handle on the ball, has a great crossover and can finish on the drive. She is even tough backing a defender in and posting her up. Her quickness isn't the main reason she's a good defender. Rather, she's one of those "frantic" type defenders, one who will get in your space, waving and reaching until you pick up your dribble. A gym rat. Had trouble making shots the final day of camp. AAU standout. 16 ppg, 4 apg, 4 spg as a sophomore.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo [MrHoops]

250 Ridge, Ali 6-0, 2004, Fremd HS, Palatine (IL)

419 Russell, Reicina 6-5, 2003, South HS, Terre Haute (IN) - Showed a nice all-around game for her size. She has a power game in the paint and some strong post moves. Although she knows her way around the paint, she was also one of the best open court players. This athlete has a nice 15-foot jumper, and is already a high Division I prospect. She's tall, she can finish, and almost dunked the ball during a dunking exhibition. If she develops the ability to palm the ball, she will dunk.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo (on the right) [MrHoops]

240 Sandstead, Ashley 5-10, 2004, Buffalo Grove HS, Buffalo Grove (IL) - Suffered from the flu, but played hard. She had a little trouble against Katie Antony, but who doesn't. Had a weak shot, actually pushing it, when hurrying against Antony.

203 Sullivan, Claire 5-6, 2004, Choate-Rosemary HS, Wallingford (CT) - One of the top athletes at the camp with speed and endurance. Scrappy player on defense. Best part of her game is her passing. Loved to pass and set up offense. A gym rat who put in extra time outside of organized activities.

239 Wenski, Lauren 5-9, 2003, St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Overland Park (KS) - Her overall game is very solid and can finish in traffic. Has a nice jumper and looks to know a little about passing lanes and how to defend them. Student Sports Sophomore All-America, Street & Smith All-America HM, All-State First Team, Metro Player of the Year, County Player of the Year. 18 ppg as a sophomore.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo [MrHoops]

415 Williams, Natasha 6-2, 2004, Niles North Township, Skokie (IL) - Very solid player. Can execute a sharp bounce pass into the paint, and can finish if posting up herself. She's got a very smooth form and seems to make the most shots in the 15 to 17 range. Had a little trouble finishing on the last day of camp.

   MORE: Blue Star Camp photo [MrHoops]

209 Woodberry, Jeanette 5-7, 2003, Martin Luther King, Detroit (MI) - Another camp favorite. Knifes through traffic and can flip a smooth outlet pass if she gets into trouble. Excellent court vision and loves to have the ball in her hands. Solid defensively, blocking a shot from a 6'0 player on the perimeter, then taking the blocked shot back down for a basket. Shows the quickness and spark to be a player to really keep an eye on.

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