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2004 Nike Camp Evaluations: Players 81 - 111

Date: 9/25/2004
Authors: Bob Richards and Bob Sienicki
Old Gold Free Press Columnists

    #82 Abigail Robertson, 6'3, Springfield (Lake Braddock) VA (2005)
    Effective on the baseline. Active on defense and glass. Good free throw form. Gets a high number of her points here on layups off the break.

    #83 Rashidat Junaid, 6'4, Chesilhurst (Camden Catholic) NJ (2006) PHOTO | PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Big time shot blocker. Strong, relentless on glass with vacuum cleaner hands. Great footwork.

    Evaluation 2: A physical post player with good hands who likes to bang. An interesting comparison came when she matched up against 6'3 junior Kristen Morris on Wednesday. Against someone with similar size and power, she relied on her power game. She bumps more to get herself open, as she is a contact seeker. She's one that you can say "goes to work" when she gets the ball inside. As long as the help defense doesn't collapse on her, she will bump and grind her way down in an attempt to neutralize her opponents defense by pushing her down under the basket. Eventually, a double-double type player in points and rebounds in college. Holds the dubious distinction of being the first player at Nike this year to airball a freethrow in a game.

    #84 Joy Cheek, 6'0, Charlotte (South Mecklenberg) NC (2006)
    Aggressive down low, both explosive & relentless with good footwork and technique.

    #85 Jasmine Stone, 6'3, Detroit (Martin Luther King) MI (2006)
    My first view of Stone was three years ago as an eighth grader at a Blue Star Elite camp, so I was looking forward to viewing her progress. Unfortunately, she went down screaming in game 1 of camp with an ankle injury, and did not return. In the few minutes she was on the floor at Nike, it was obvious that the swagger she had as an eighth grader is still there. Teammate Jodi Howell later would tell us that Stone's ankle required some x-rays, but we never got an update on her condition before camp had ended.

    #86 Marshae Dotson, 6'0, Columbus (Mifflin) OH (2005)
    Evaluation 1: Strong, acrobatic player who is active on low block & perimeter. Pays attention to details.

    Evaluation 2: The evaluation of Dotson should start by pointing out her work ethic, as she will outwork most players on the floor. She moves extremely well without the ball and without instruction, setting screens and flashing open in the seams of the defense. Vocal on the court, and that is saying something when you are on the same team as Erica Arriaran! Functioned mostly as a big forward here, playing in the deep post out to small forward. Her bread and butter game looks to be power forward despite her 6'0 stature. Strength and intelligence are her lethal combination. In zone defense on Wednesday, Dotson was effective in the low post. On offense, her game was mostly pressure and pullup, layup, or short jumper. Can't remember any example of long range shooting over the games I watched. Good hands, and receives and executes passes fluidly. Always active, and even on the last day of camp, I never saw her show signs of being tired, even after three days of being pushed by Arriaran. Stood out among the campers as a positive and vocal worker who flat out competed her way onto my all-camp team.

    #88 Morghan Medlock, 6'1, Harbor City (Narbonne) CA (2006)
    Effective in low post. Seals, good footwork and gets big air. Shot effective to 18'.

    #90 TaShia Phillips, 6'5, Indianapolis (Brebeuf Prep) IN (2007) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Strong & efficient, classic low post player. Seals well with great jump hook. Most complete game of all big girls yet not as aggressive as some.

    Evaluation 2: A back-to-the-basket, old-school true center. No illusions here that she thinks she might have a better game outside. She knows her game, and is very good at working on it. The perfect size for the low post, with some muscle yet not much excess weight. Runs the floor very well, has good hands on the run, and keeps track of her defensive assignment. She will see mismatches over some of the more bulky centers because she moves so well and full-court games do not wind her as much as some of her opponents carrying some weight. Unlike those bulky centers, she matches up well against the power-forward-turned-center players in the 6'2 to 6'3 and athletic mold that are successful relying more on quickness than force. She demands respect from defenders. Her footwork is excellent at this stage, although sometimes predictable, in her early high school career. It is a tossup whether to deny her or play behind. She's good on the offensive boards, but an impressively good passer. Displayed a nice hook shot here, something her AAU coach told me was developed playing practice games against 6'6 AAU teammate Amber Harris. Tailors the arc of her hook to the ability of her defender. Nice combination of agility and strength, and is an accomplished low post passer. Hard to double-down on due to her fingertip passing. The only reason Phillips does not make an all-camp team is she does not yet show the will to take over a game. A team player comfortable with her role on the team. Phillips and Nike post teammate Star Allen made one of the best rebounding duos at the camp when in the game together.

    #91 April Phillips, 5'11, Long Beach (Polytechnic) CA (2005)
    Excellent footwork, relentless on boards, accurate shooter inside 15'.

    #92 Andrea Walker, 6'4, Coraopolis (West Allegheny) PA (2006) PHOTO
    Physical player who plays with heart. Moves well, tough in low post.

    #95 Kristen Morris, 6'3, Detroit (Country Day) MI (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Powerful, athletic player with complete low post game. Can go over people.

    Evaluation 2: I was surprised by her power game, but also agile. Ran some skilled plays, like pick and rolls. She actually got Amber Harris to bite big time on a pick and roll for a layup. She missed a three-pointer on Wednesday, but it was a nice looking shot. Smooth move down in the post where she receives the ball, shows a couple power dribbles, then a quick spin for the angle to the basket. In matchups with 6'4 Rashidat Junaid, countered Junaid's force with footwork and quickness.

    #98 Star Allen, 5'11, Columbus (Independence) OH (2005) PHOTO
    Big, strong, physical & fearless. Very aggressive and finishes extremely well.

    #101 Marissa Thrower, 6'0, Detroit (Renaissance) MI (2005) PHOTO
    Very accurate shooter with natural jump shot to 3-point range.

    #102 Jasmine Duffey, 6'7, Jonesboro (Jonesboro) GA (2006) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Very tall & slender. Capable of playing above rim. Occasionally seemed out of position and docile.

    Evaluation 2: A work in progress, and she will come away with valuable experience from Nike, as this year's camp featured many big time post players compared to last year. The body is there, but she tends to float out of position. Obviously not used to having to fight so much for rebounding position, as the power posts moved her around quite a bit. Has an intriguing game facing the basket, but needs to work on her dribble drive. She struck me as a player trying some things out, maybe trying to think too much to try an adjust to her defender. Not a lack of confidence by any means, just inexperienced. A fun player to watch put the pieces together over the next two seasons of high school. The tallest player at Nike this year.

    #103 Brittany Mitch, 6'2, McLean (St. John's) VA (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Katie Douglas clone though needs improved shooting technique. Complete player who is always around the ball.

    Evaluation 2: A sneaky forward you will never fault for effort or concentration on the game. She is in constant motion, flashing open, curling down the lanes, then running the baseline and flashing open again in the corner. It takes a speedster to defend her. A player that upgrades a team's athletic ability on offense a great deal. She really works the motion. Her shot is better on the move toward the basket than coming off picks and hitting from the perimeter. Fine shooting motion, but missed a few threes long when coming off the dribble and pulling up from deep. Her game compares favorably to Katie Douglas, although Mitch didn't seem to favor a move left or right as much as Katie "go left" Douglas (I say that out of absolute love for Douglas). Impressive camp participant. Works hard, works long, and has a variety of weapons at her disposal.

    #105 Tina Charles, 6'3, Jamaica (Christ the King) NY (2006)
    Formidable offensive threat in low post with great spin moves and best drop step in camp. Very aggressive to boards with major hops. Questionable hands only weakness.

    #107 Katrina Wheeler, 6'3, Washington (Theodore Roosevelt) MD (2005)
    No impressions recorded.

    #108 Jazmine Adair, 6'3, Washington (Anacostia) DC (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Rules the boards with authority. Good spin moves on offense.

    Evaluation 2: Shows some nice footwork and spin moves in the post, but loses a feel for the basket. Can work herself open doing this successfully, yet should finish at a higher percentage. Grabbed some boards, altered some shots, and was a presence overall on defense.

    #109 Jessica Adair, 6'4, Washington (Anacostia) DC (2005) PHOTO
    No impressions recorded.

    #111 Jantel Lavender, 6'4, Euclid (Cleveland Central) OH (2007) PHOTO | PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Strong & athletic, active down low. Effective shot blocker.

    Evaluation 2: A player I wish I could have seen more over the course of the camp. In my two viewings, she showed ample power with her back to the basket. A big time rebounding presence. Most importantly for a post player on the elite level, can draw fouls and make freethrows. Excellent shooting from the line in drill work. How she performs from the line after running an entire game, I did not get to see. My hunch is she will be a player on the court during the final minutes of all close games. When using her footwork in the post, she isn't so set in her mission to score that she forgets the rest of the floor. On various occassions she was seen spinning and passing out of the post, contrary to the tunnel vision of some of her campmates once they start moving down low.

    Nike All-Camp teams coming next!

    2004 Nike Camp Scouting Reports:
    PART I | PART II | PART III | PART IV | PART V | All-Camp Teams

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