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2003 Nike Camp Evaluations: Players 1 - 20

Date: 7/30/2003
Authors: Bob_Richards, Capri Small and Bob Sternvogel
© Old Gold Free Press

    This is the first installment of the Old Gold Free Press player evaluations from the 2003 Nike All-American Camp held in Indianapolis, IN. Part I covers jersey numbers 1 - 20. While we made an effort to evaluate all 79 players at this year's camp, there were a few players we did not see during the two days of the camp. We also made an effort to take photos of all players at the camp, although due to very poor lighting some photos may not be of the highest quality.

    As a reminder, please read these evaluations as observations made at a specific moment in time, at a camp with/against a unique gathering of players. Where possible, multiple evaluations have been printed to illustrate the different points of view of the three people we had doing evaluations this year. The contributors to this year's batch of player evaluations are Bob Sternvogel, Capri Small and Bob Richards.


    #1 Sade Wiley-Gatewood, 5'9, Pomona (Lynwood) CA (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Hands down, the best passer at the camp. Bounce pass, no look or behind the back. An arsenal of deceptive releases to her teammates. Athletic, speedy, and drives the opponent's defense back on their heels. But with flash comes turnovers, and she will have to greatly improve on her near 1-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio when she hits the constant speed of the college game. Was not happy with her offensive decision making when scoring herself, but more than makes up for it with hitting her teammates at the right place at the right time.

    Evaluation 2: On Wednesday, she stole the ball from Marissa Coleman, but Sade didn’t catch my attention again until she flipped a fancy pass from the side of her chest as the first half was drawing to a close. Against the Shock Thursday, however, Wiley-Gatewood quickly established herself as a long-range threat by nailing two early treys. She then accelerated well and finished on an open-court drive, but proceeded to fall under my radar until she made an athletic attempt to save the ball. Unfortunately, she did so at the wrong end of the court, and deflected the ball to an opponent who proceeded to cash in the “gift” scoring opportunity. In short, Sade failed to live up to her advance billing. She may well garner numerous All-America honors before her collegiate career ends, but I can’t say she deserves a slot on my honor squad.

    #2 Robyn Stone, 5'7, Indianapolis (Lawrence North) IN (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Miniature in stature when compared to some of the 6'0 ballhandlers at the camp, but you could see the drive in this hometown girl. Thieves balls and takes them back for lay-ups, best on the break. Won my Player of the Game award for her Wednesday night performance in a matter of five minutes. Within that time, she picked three balls and took them back for lay-ups. The last was with 6'5 Silvia Fowles running along side her practically in her pocket. She put the ball up under the swooping wing of Fowles, and with some english that seemed to defy some laws of motion, made the basket and drew ooohhs from the crowd watching. At the buzzer too! A player who had to come away from this week and realize they had a great camp.

    Evaluation 2: One has to wonder if Robyn would have been at the camp if it had been held in, say, Atlanta or Salt Lake City, as she is not often mentioned on the national level. The feisty point from Indy more than held her own against the players with more name recognition, however. The only knock on Stone is her height; she appeared to be shorter than other kids also listed as 5'7. Robyn, in contrast to many of the other shorter players, appeared to know her limitations and did not over penetrate or put up poorly considered shots that could be easily stuffed by taller posts. Robyn is a dynamo, active every second on the court. She has great ups, and is strong enough to rip the ball out of less physical player's arms. Robyn usually exhibited a point guard mentality and looked to penetrate and dish before shooting, but does have a long range shot.

    #3 Jodi Howell, 5'11, Alexandria (Alexandria) IN (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: A silent assassin on the court. Impressive package of talent for a junior-to-be and a very high basketball IQ, likely helped by the fact she is the daughter of a coach. Played mostly at shooting guard, which will be her college position. The absolute quickest release at the camp. Blistering motion and highly accurate. Was very impressed to see her run the floor, and on two occasions, pull up from a dead run and hit a short 12 footer instead of ending the plays in a wreck with another guard underneath the basket. Ahead of her peers on defense, and did as good of a job as anyone defending a great one-on-one player in Alexis Hornbuckle.

    Evaluation 2: There will be lots written about Jodi on this site, both as a result of her performance in camp and in the future. Jodi was the only player to wear kneepads, a suggestion of the tenacity and energy she puts into every play. Howell's inexperience was evident at times, but her potential could never be questioned. You could count on two fingers the number of kids at Nike who consistently played tough defense, and Jodi was one of them -she was the only player I saw the entire camp who drew a charge. There are two aspects of her game that may not have been mentioned by the others. Jodi has excellent court sense and seems to think a pass ahead. Many times she'd deliver the ball to where a players was going, seemingly before the other player knew she was going there. The second aspect is Jodi's combination of extremely fast shot release with good shot selection. An extremely rare, and for that reason, desirable combination. I join the chorus of Boiler supporters who would love to see Jodi in gold and black during her college career.

    #4 Ashlee Trebilcock, 5'9, Newhall (Hart) CA (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Two of the best lead guards in the class of 2005 may both come from the state of California. Ashlee Trebilcock would be one of them. A versatile, nearly complete game, who in college will be a point guard who also has a handful of rebounds and a handful of steals to go along with her double-digit scoring output each game. Posed for a rising junior at an all-star camp. Showed the defensive capability to shut opponents down offensively.

    Evaluation 2: Very nice, fast combo guard. Ashlee has an excellent handle and was one of the better players at penetrating. She never took a bad shot, and was always squared up to the basket before releasing the ball. Defensively her quick hands allowed her to steal the ball from other players. The best aspect of Ashlee's play was a beautiful pull up mid-range jumper.

    #5 Sharnee Zoll, 5'7, Morganville (Marlboro) NJ (2004)
    Sharnee was listed as injured on the board, although she did play in at least one game. She did not look to score, however, and time and again would pass up open J's and instead dish to teammates. Sharnee is very quick and a good ball handler and passer, so even in her limited role on the court she was able to make a positive impact for her team.

    #6 Renee Montgomery, 5'7, St. Albans (South Charleston) WV (2004) PHOTO
    A point guard needs to know how to dribble, and on Wednesday, Renee quickly showed she was equal to the task. Although solid fundamentally, she’s also speedy, and proved she could create when she motored coast-to-coast on a successful drive to the hole. Against the Mystics on Thursday, however, Montgomery’s role seemed to be to bring the ball into the frontcourt and then disappear from the offense. Perhaps this was related to the fact that the tussle with the Monarchs had demonstrated that her form on the pull-up jumper needs to be refined, if not completely overhauled.

    #8 Ashley Connor, 5'6, Indianapolis (North Central) IN (2004) PHOTO
    Another local girl. Ashley played like a terrier, making up for her short stature by scrapping for everything. Ashley won the floor burn award, throwing herself after loose balls. Ashley would often penetrate and then have trouble doing much with the ball once she got under the basket. As she becomes more experienced playing against fast, big posts this aspect of her game will surely improve.

    #10 Allie Quigley, 5'10, Joliet (Joliet Catholic) IL (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Was that No. 10 hitting another shot? You find yourself asking that question about Quigley, who is another non-flashy player that surprises you with her output during a game. You wonder if anyone has told her she's 5'10, because she drives right into traffic with no fear. Unbelievable the amount of fouls this player could have drawn in a real game situation. She is great on the break, recognizing passing lanes and visualizing the court. Either has a high basketball IQ, or impeccable instincts.

    Evaluation 2: Athletically, Allie wasn’t the most gifted player at the camp. To her credit, she seemed to recognize this, and backed off to avoid getting too far under the hoop when she realized she was headed into the “tall timber”. When dribbling, Quigley reacted well to opponents’ attempts to disrupt her rhythm. Before heading up the court, she checked the defensive alignment. She won’t dazzle her future coaches and fans, but she also won’t frazzle their nerves.

    #11 Whitney Hoey, 5'5, Cowpens (Broome) SC (2004) PHOTO
    Whitney's height was not given on the camp, but she looked to be about 5'5. A fast and scrappy player, Whitney was one of the few guards who played under control all the times. She didn't force up shots into the teeth of the post players, but rather used a pull up jumper to score or dished to an open teammate.

    #12 Lindsay Moss, 6'0, Cumming (Chattahoochee) GA (2005)
    Lindsay won the gym rat award. She was always on the open court working on her shot when her team wasn't in action. A solid, athletic post. Was listed on the injury board the first day of camp.

    #13 Judith Smith, 5'9, Long Beach (Long Beach Poly) CA (2004) PHOTO
    One of the better guards in camp. An extremely fast player, she did everything in high gear. Judith could either penetrate or pull up with equal success. She has a good handle and could maneuver through traffic easily. Defensively, Judith used her quickness to close down defenders and block shots.

    #15 Jacqueline Gemelos, 5'10, Stockton (St. Mary's) CA (2006)
    Jacqueline seemed to be one of those players with a nose for the basketball. She always seemed to be around the action. A taller guard, Jacqueline had the vision to dish to open players in traffic and would hit the open threes without forcing anything up.

    #16 Megan Darrah, 6'2, Moreland (East Coweta) CA (2004)
    Another gym rat, Megan was often seen playing on open courts. Listed on the injury board the first day of camp.

    #17 Darice Griffin, 6'1, Seagraves (Seagraves) TX (2004) PHOTO
    On Wednesday, her only noteworthy effort was tipping a long pass away by demonstrating a combination of speed and leaping ability that made me think she’d be a great candidate to play safety in the NFL if she were a man. Early in Thursday’s game, she took it to the hoop with authority, misfired, but followed her shot and battled for the rebound. Otherwise, she failed to distinguish herself in my eyes.

    #18 Sparkle Davis, 5'10, Decatur (Paideia) GA (2004)
    No impressions recorded

    #19 Tulyah Gaines, 5'8, Burbank (John Burroughs) CA (2004)
    Gaines' body and mind weren't always on the same page, and at times she appeared to be out of control. Tulyah evidenced a world of potential, and will be an explosive guard when it all comes together for her.

    #20 Mallory Gillespie, 5'10, Vineyard (Mountain View) UT (2004) PHOTO
    One of the more consistent three point shooters in camp, Mallory seemed most comfortable on the perimeter or initiating a fast break by finding the releasing player. She saw the court very well and is a good passer. A very nice player.

    More evaluations to come!

    2003 Nike Camp Scouting Reports:
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